Who’s new at Ice Decor?

What do mountain climbing, piano playing, uni-cycling, marine firefighting, small vessel safety and ice carving have in common? Absolutely nothing… except for Isaac Woewoda.

Time to introduce the latest addition to Ice Decor. About 6 months ago we started the search for someone to bring alongside us in the business. That said, we spent more time contemplating exactly what we were looking for than we actually did advertising and interviewing. By the time we got around to it, we had a pretty good idea of what we were looking for and what we weren’t looking for. I wrote about this in a recent blog. Give me a man of character any day over a man with skills. I can teach him the latter if he has the former. So when we went shopping for that “right” person to grow our business we didn’t get put off by a resume that had little or nothing to do with ice carving.

I do get asked (and it happens often) “so is he artistic and creative,” and I have to think for a second where I’ve seen that on his portfolio. It’s not really visible apart from this or that wood carving or his childhood dream to get into drafting. But the truth be told, I’ve long ago learned that most of us have vast amounts of creativity locked away inside. And most of us have just never had the opportunity or taken the opportunity to unlock it. If I got a dime for every time I hear “I can’t even draw a stick man” I could actually afford to go to art school myself. Drawing anything, even stick men, has to be learned. The real question is; are you curious, courageous and persistent enough to learn how to draw stick men? And if you are, then you might well be that person that is curious, courageous and persistent enough to learn how to carve something out of ice.

So… yah, he’s creative, but not at a first glance. I didn’t see a lot of artistic genius when we first met Isaac. In fact, we asked him to join us for a high pressure, back breaking multi sculpture and bar set up. Definitely not high on the “creative” criteria. More to do with hard work, performing under pressure and fitting into the team. Isaac didn’t know it at the time but he was in fact having his first job interview. And he aced it. Oh, I almost forgot, he loves the cold. I can’t imagine trying to teach someone how to love the cold.

So who is Isaac Woewoda? Well, he’s a man of character but not big on selling himself. He’s photogenic, but he doesn’t like being photographed. He’s quiet about himself, someone who let’s others brag for him. Oh, and did I say that he’s humble and teachable? Okay, he’s probably blushing by now. But these are just some of the qualities I was looking for. Add to that “a servant’s heart,” “someone who is quick to learn” and “who is eager but has a calm disposition” and you’ve got the raw material to work with. Four months later and Isaac is more than fitting into life at Ice Decor. He has even brought skills and abilities from his previous employment to his new job. So where exactly does such a quality guy from?

While Isaac’s career path may not sound exactly profound or exciting it’s got lots of good content. The past four years were spend head of logistics for a duct cleaning company. That role had him responsible for tons for detailed planning for travel to local and international locations where the company cleaned cruise ships, theme parks and big businesses. Do you hear dependability and punctuality? Before that he worked in a sporting goods store doing sales and customer care. Do you hear people skills? And before that he worked in a grocery store where he both headed up departments and filled in for anything and everything. Do you hear responsibility and flexibility?

Ask Isaac though and he will first point to his family. He and Rachel have been married for 5 years and are expecting their second child. Already his little daughter is the sparkle in his eye and the enthusiastic topic for any conversation. As much of an outdoorsman as he is he has given himself to providing for his family in a very serious way.

I knew perhaps more than a lot of things that anyone working at Ice Decor was going to have to be a good fit. We’re a small business and we’re home based. Whoever got hired here would have to be someone I like and enjoy spending time with. I see a opportunity for this young man, and, if you can’t already tell from the above, am pretty exciting about a future working together.

Thank you for reading! Until next time… #theicemen