Welcome to Ice Decor

Your first choice in crystal clear ice sculptures!

M&R BarWhether you’re celebrating a wedding, corporate function or other special occasion, we recommend you showcase your theme, name or company logo with an ice carving. Imagine combining ice with flowers or colored lighting to highlight a buffet or individual tables. Or consider chilling your beverages with an ice luge. If you want to get a WOW, if you want to get the crowd to stop and look, try saying it with ice. Bold, stunning to look at and it leaves no environmental foot print!

Established in 2004, Ice Decor has always been committed to bringing excellence to the ice sculpture industry. Our motto says it all; “We look good if you look good!” We freeze our own crystal clear ice blocks from water filtered by reverse osmosis. Most sculptures are then carved in our studio using your own creative ideas, photos or logos. Ice Decor provides services within BC’s Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Whistler, cities throughout the interior and across the US border.

Meet the Ice Decor Team

IMG_2733While Harold and Valerie have been co-owners of Ice Decor since the business began in 2004 they regularly draw on the help of their family in all kinds of ways; from office management, social media/marketing and photography to actual carving and deliverers. Ice Decor is truly a family affair.

The Sawatzky family consists of 8 Children!

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