Ice Luges

Almost any ice sculpture can be converted into an ice luge by means of adding a tube through which your beverage can be poured. A martini glass can be placed underneath the luge or catch the beverage out the front of the luge. An ice luge is an ideal place to show off your company name or logo during a cocktail hour or pre-dinner reception.

Most ice luges are lit and displayed in the same way the sculptures are displayed. See our gallery for some design ideas. One popular idea has been to sculpt the luge in the shape of the bottle or martini glass. Ice Decor can also provide you with shot glasses to replace glass or plastic.

Another way you can use ice luges is to carve a channel along the surface of the ice. In its simplest form, a block of ice with one or two channels is placed on a sloped frame, allowing guests to either catch the drink with a glass or drink directly from the ice luge.

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