Q. How do you get the ice so clear?
All of our ice is frozen from reverse osmosis filtered water making it food safe and crystal clear but the real secret to making ice clear is keeping the water moving while it is freezing. No additives, just lots of TLC.

Q. When does the ice sculpture begin to melt?
Not a bad question when you consider that most of our ice comes to you super cold and frosted. We try to have everything set up about half an hour ahead of your doors opening so the ice sculpture has started to melt and shine up real nice.

Q. How long will my ice sculpture last?
A. Most sculptures will last from 4 to 6 hours; however there are a lot of variables that factor into the melting of ice sculptures. The size, detail, temperature of the room and sunlight are some of them. At normal room temperature ice melts about ¼ inch per hour.

Q. What do we do with the sculpture when the party is over?
In most cases you can toss any remaining ice after the event is over or we can return for a small fee to do so for you. It is unadvisable to leave it unattended till the next day.

Q. Are the sculptures molded?
No, virtually everything is custom carved from 300 lb blocks of crystal clear ice. We can combine blocks to make larger sculptures or cut smaller pieces from the block.

Q. Are your ice sculptures produced with a machine?
Ice Decor utilizes some of the most modern technology in producing precision logos. However
nothing replaces the artistic touch we bring to each and every sculpture.

Q. What other kinds of ice items do you make?
The short answer is; whatever you need. We provide everything ice from custom cut cubes, spheres and up to castle wall. We love problem solving and making your ideas become reality.

Q. What are the prices of ice sculptures?
it is hard to say what the base price is as each is a custom creation. size and complexity are two factors that go into pricing a sculpture. Ice bars are priced according to length beginning at $185 per linear foot. Centrepieces or multi-block sculptures are priced according to quantity and size. but you can get a free quote to see just click the link on the side or go to our quote page.

Q. Where do you deliver to?
Most of our sculptures are delivered and setup for you and we do so within a 6hr radius of Langley. We can accommodate orders outside of this by enlisting the help of refrigerated carriers.

Q. How do I go about ordering an ice sculpture?
Our website has an order/quote form that guides you through important questions. We love to speak with you directly since understanding exactly what you need is key. Give us a call at 604-513-8030 or email us directly at [email protected].

Q. How long in advance do I need to place my order?
The more time we have the better. We like to have one month notice for each sculpture whenever possible; however we are flexible and will try to meet your every need.

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