The following are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive about ice sculptures:

Q. How long will my ice sculpture last?

Most sculptures will last from 4 to 6 hours; however there are a lot of variables that factor into the melting of ice sculptures. The size of the sculpture, the amount of detail on the sculpture, the temperature of the room and sunlight are some of them. At normal room temperature ice melts about ΒΌ inch per hour.

Q. What are the prices of ice sculptures?

As a rule of thumb we start our basic single block ice carvings at $250.00. Adding to the complexity of a design or displaying your logo in color may increase the price. Centerpieces or multi block sculptures are priced according to number and size.

Ice bars are priced according to length. $150 per linear foot usually includes the branding, drip tray and lighting. Delivery and take down is $150.

Q. Can we get our logo reproduced in color?

Yes, we use a tempura paint and gelatin mixture to color ice sculptures. Because the process is more labor intensive we charge a little extra for this feature.

Q. Are the sculptures molded?

The vast majority of our sculptures are carved out of 300 lb blocks of crystal clear ice. We can combine blocks to make larger sculptures or cut smaller pieces from the block. We have however retained the use of a mold for our punch bowls.

Q. Are your ice sculptures produced with a machine?

Ice Decor utilizes some of the most modern technology in producing precision logos. However nothing replaces the artistic touch we bring to each and every sculpture.

Q. Are drainage trays included with the sculpture?

Yes, each sculpture gets delivered with a suitably sized drip tray. Where possible we try to retrieve our trays and lighting following the event.

Q. How much time do we need to order an ice sculpture?

The more time we have the better. We like to have about one-month notice for each sculpture when ever possible; however, we are flexible and will try to meet your every need.