Ice Bars

We carve our ice bars to be fully functional, so they can truly play a central role. An acrylic table top is placed on the surface of the bar, giving the bartender a non-slip surface to work on.

Some ways you can further dress up your ice bar:

  • Add bottle holders or an ice luge to the surface of the bar to really dress it up.
  • Customize the design on the front of the ice bar.
  • Ice pillars can serve as supports for the work table.
  • Names and dates can also decorate the front of the bar.
  • Branding can be done in white or color, the choice is yours.
  • Lighting in the color of your choice can be placed underneath ice bar to complete the “wow factor.”

The finished bar is built within an acrylic drip tray giving it that classy appearance. Ice bars can be carved to any length. They can stand against a wall or form a three or four sided focal point in the center of the hall.

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