Our Process


Everything starts with you.  Your phone call, email, order form or visit is our springboard to listening and learning how you want to make your event special, personal and professional.  We look to building on your ideas, pictures or sketches in an effort to make something “one of a kind.” They are our inspiration. And if you need ideas we are more than happy to explore your hopes, tastes, hobbies, or venue for making ice do what only ice can do. Then let us take over and work our magic.



From concept to carving, our mission is to bring value to your sculpture. Hearing you say, “That was even better than what I expected,” is our goal.  Our desire is bring you the maximum impact for your budget and really get that ”Wow” factor. That means as bold and big and beautiful as possible in pursuit of that “one of a kind” sculpture. We depend on word of mouth to get our name out there, so with our reputation on the line every time, we will do our utmost to bring value to your event.


“We look good if you look good.”  That starts with manufacturing our own ice so it’s crystal clear.  From there on we employ the latest in technology along with all the traditional tools and our artist’s touch to make each sculpture a work of art.  And if it’s not up to standard we start over. Then our preference is to deliver each sculpture ourselves making sure it arrives safe and sound and gets set up just the way you like it.  You will find quality and respect represented in all our work as well as our presentation and rapport with your guests.


Like a photograph, a good experience lasts a long time.  We want your experience with us to be a good memory. That means not leaving until we’ve answered all your questions and got your nod of approval.  We offer many years of experience at this and have made a reputation around reliability and availability. This is supposed to be fun but professional and put you at ease.  You can trust us to deliver what we say we’re going to do. That’s the way Ice Decor does business. We are serious about customer satisfaction.