Introducing… the iceman.


We get asked all the time, “does your family work with you in the business”? Many of them have and still do in one shape or form. Just coming through what is arguably the busiest time of the year, Christmas and New Years, reminds us how true the expression is “many hands makes light work.” (at least lighter work) I counted 10 of the family (not including the grandkids who cheered us on without even knowing it) that were involved making it happen this year.

But in particular we couldn’t have done it this year without Nathan. After six months of just helping Dad out as he had the time, Nathan joined Ice Decor full time in November 2013. Like Dad he left a fulfilling span of 10 years working with developmentally challenged adults at Bethesda Christian Association to pursue his creative gifts at carving ice. Nathan has already proven himself a very capable photographer. This has not gone unnoticed since, apart from the pail of melt water, photos are the only lasting evidence of a great ice sculpture.


Nathan is the oldest of 8 children. Apart from family genes that go way back to painters and potters in the family tree Nathan had only Dad to learn from. So one of the first exercises was to travel with Harold to Cleveland, Ohio where they joined some 24 other ice carvers from around North America as well as some really skilled teachers for an ice carver’s boot camp. There Nathan got first hand exposure to the craft but also a whole family of ice carvers. Being the relational kind of guy that he is, this was the best part.


Back home in time for the Christmas rush Nathan has begun to prove himself very useful to the business. The learning curve is steep and will take a while but each day brings about new tasks that he can accomplish on his own. More and more when you see pictures of our work there’s a chance has had a hand in bringing it to the public.

So now, when you see #theicemen you know that it includes Nathan. Don’t be afraid to talk to him when you meet him. He loves it and knows his stuff.