Who knows how they got our number in the first place. The call came from the east-coast, Olympus Corporation, wondering whether we would partner with them in an experiment that would demo their TOUGH model. It’s supposed to be water resistant, shock resistant and temperature resistant. What better way to prove it than submerse it in one of our ice block makers for three days while the water freezes into a 300 block of ice, then set it up to crash onto concrete! Believe it or not, the camera switched on and we took a picture.

That was so successful that Olympus had us set up several contests in the Whistler Village where spectators got involved guessing the outcome of our experiment and winning one of the cameras. From there they got us participating with them in the World Ski and Snowboard Festival finale at the Whistler Conference Centre where the winners of the Olympus video and photography contest got to sit on two Ice Decor designer armchairs (with sheep skin covers of course).

Love that repeat business. Really, there’s nothing like working with customers who know you and trust you. The next two year’s we built Olympus media walls complete with cameras frozen in. Where do go from there? I know, let’s do a giant 3D OM-D camera and place the real thing into the lens! So this year we did two nights at the festival again. The first we set up another mountain media wall and then on the second we built them a HUGE camera. Check it out.

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