Sometimes you don’t know whether to laugh or get mad at yourself. We had spent months planning for a monster ice event for the Lincoln Motor Company up at the Roundhouse on Whistler Mountain. Between Boulder, Colorado and Whistler, there were four of us parties involved putting this event together. Of course, ours was the ice contribution, a ten foot bar and a three block live carving of a 2015 Lincoln MKC. We had it all planned and ready for delivery and set up for the 18th of April.

Before I go any further, have you ever wondered how much a ten foot bar and ice for a three block live carving weighs? More than a ton! All of that ice, all the way from Langley up to Whistler. And for those of you who aren’t familiar with Whistler and the Roundhouse, its up Whistler Mountain about half and hour by gondola. Getting there is simple enough if you’re snowboarding but with a ton of ice and load restrictions of 330 pounds per cabin! And to complicate things you have to load up while they’re moving!

We were there, all unloaded and staged on the dock ready to place onto the lifts for the journey up the mountain. Still no passes for the trip up though and no one answering our phone calls, that is until the lift operator called up to the Roundhouse himself and returned to give us the impossible news… the event isn’t until the 20th. NOOOO!! How could this happen? We had checked and rechecked the date and time. But with pages and pages of emails all planning and discussing various dates and times we had re-confirmed the same date… the wrong date, each time. So nothing to do but re-load everything back up and head back home. Thank goodness it was March and not August and temperatures were close to zero at Whistler.

We returned on the 20th, two days later all ready for the real thing. The blessing in disguise was that the mistake served as a dummy run for the right date. Add some help from the event planners this time and we pulled if off without a hitch . Check out the video of our live carving, here.

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