We have all driven past this sight before…a community mail box with piles of unused phone books next to it. And we all wonder if Yellow Pages got the memo that the majority of us throw them straight into the recycling these days.


So when did it all change so drastically?  I recall my first memory of the internet. It was the famous 150 meter race between Donovan Bailey and Michael Johnson in 1997. It an attempt to find out what time the race was on TV, someone in the family mentioned that we could find out online. ONLINE?! You can get information you want on the computer? It’s not just for playing games?


Well it has sure come a long way since then. For one I’m sure we are all past dial up where you can only use the internet OR the telephone at once.

When Facebook was created in 2004, a lot of people thought it would be a passing trend. Why would anyone want to put everything out there? A wall where people write stuff? Weird.  It has now become the most popular website ever, with users passing 1 billion every month.  Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest have become a huge part of what Ice Decor makes a priority each month. It’s all: Social Media



Now back to those phone books… Can you imagine your company being listed in a huge book in someone’s kitchen drawer, and that’s the only way they are going to hear about you? (Besides word of mouth of course).

This is why Social Media has changed the game for so many businesses. It has such an amazing way of getting the word out easily. Share a post you see with friends, and before you know it hundreds of people have seen the work of that company.

At Ice Decor we love to use these platforms for a few reasons:

For one, it’s a great way to show our followers what we have been up to with sculptures and deliveries. We deliver to anything from the largest tourism event Vancouver has ever hosted, to someone’s home for a birthday party.  It is also a great way to advertise our business to potential clients in the event industry. And unlike those phone books, advertising on these platforms reaches a huge audience with just the click of a button.  Lastly, having social media platforms is a great way to network. There is always another person to reach who had no idea that there was a company in town that did this kind of unique work.

Even though I don’t carve the ice myself, I love to see what my dad is up to each week with his sculpture deliveries. This is sure a unique business and I hope you all enjoy following along with us as much as I enjoy sharing with you each week!

Until next time…#theicemen (and woman)